Oct 11

Here are some of the things people are saying about their experience at Pocahontas Fish & Game Adventures:

“We had another successful class. What a wonderful place for our fly fishing school.”
Rich and Sonya – Anglers X Stream

“Thanks so much for the last-minute reservation. The place is wonderful. Our family has made some wonderful memories, and the fishing was great!”
Chuck and Vicki – South Charleston, West Virginia

“Another great time was had by all… and for sure we will see you again.”
Steve, Ron and Rick

“Thank you for another year of a piece of heaven on earth.”
Landon, Lanny and Dylan – Virginia Beach, Virginia

“We came, we saw, and we sat. We truly enjoyed the porch-sitting. Several world problems solved. your little piece of paradise is very conducive to thinking or not thinking at all–just soak it in. Trout fishing was extremely productive.”
The guys from Hurricane and Culloden, West Virginia, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

“Thank you for another year of a piece of heaven on earth.”
Landon, Lanny and Dylan – Virginia Beach, Virginia

“Our gang had another great weekend. Bill was the fishing champion with 109 caught. See you next time.”
Frank & crew – Roanoke, Virginia

“My father and I came to escape the hectic pace of life. Yesterday we watched a family of deer and for twenty minutes watched an eagle that landed in a tree near the cabin. Last night, Dad and I sat on the porch, smoked cigars and talked about life. It was a moment when time stood still. We will miss it here. However, we will be back. This week was a memory for a lifetime.”
GLB & GLB, Jr. – Virginia Beach, Virginia

“We had a great time and want you to know this is, without a doubt, the best fishing trip I have ever made.”
Dave & Kellie – Marietta, Ohio

“As usual, I had a great time at your place. I’ll be back again!”
Steve W., Vienna, Virginia

“We just love it! Mike caught a gorgeous Rainbow, and we did catch some of your ‘baby’ Rainbows in the creek. We hate to leave, but we will be back.”
Mike & Laurie – Salamanca, New York

“Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful piece of heaven on earth with us. We absolutely had a great time. We hope to return again soon.”
The B*****s – Grottoes, Virginia

“Sitting on the porch watching Carlo fishing for the big ‘bow he missed the past two days. Two turkeys flew over and roosted in the tree above the hammock. An abundance of wildlife has been seen during our stay. While fishing the big pond last night about 7:30, we looked up and saw a black bear crossing the bottom downstream. We’ve enjoyed the solitude of this place and haven’t left since we arrived. We home to return someday.”
Colleen & Carlo – Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania